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No! No! Don't swallow it you dummy! Here the Alligator has the sandal in position to swallow it. Note that it is now with the toe first, so probably this is the direction the Alligator thinks is head first.

About an hour later the Alligator was resting in deeper water, still with the sandal in it's mouth. Perhaps as a toy to play with or perhaps waiting for it to bleed out.

BTW, I don't think the Alligator will eat the sandal as I think it lacks the taste of a fresh kill or death. But then I've never tasted a woman's sandal, so I could be wrong.

02/23/06 Update - While at Wakodahatchee today, I saw the sandal floating in the water about where I last saw the Aligator with it. So maybe the Aligator was just playing with it.

2006 by Peter Schulz