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February 2006

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There are three easy to photograph Great Blue Heron nests and scads of Anhinga nests at Wakodahatchee. So every couple of days I go there to capture the progress the chicks are making and also to see how the parents are holding up to the task of parenting. Thus you will see a lot of Great Blue Heron and Anhinga pictures this month and probably next month too. Enjoy them while you can.

  • Great Blue Heron Trivia - While the eggs are being incubated, the male incubates the eggs during the day and the female during the night. Once hatched, both take turns feeding the young by  regurgitating predigested food. The oldest and largest chicks take the lionís share by grasping the adultís bill and catching the food before it reaches the nest floor.

  • Anhinga Trivia - Anhinga males are black with green markings around the eye during mating season. Female Anhingas are black with light brown necks. Both take turns in feeding the chicks by letting the chicks reach into their gullet to feed.

Also there are a lot of pictures of Green and Blue-winged Teal ... maybe more than you want to see. But I'm a real sucker when it comes to all of their preening and posing antics, their fine feather detail, and the reflections they cast in the water.

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